b i o g r a p h y

lyset og mørket og øjet der ser det

the light and the darkness and the eye that sees it

“At tage verden ind, og forædle dens lys”
“To take in the world and refine its light”

"The eye of Marie Rosenkrantz Gjedsted is equally an artists eye,
and the eye of an accomplished craftsperson.

Light perceived, and light in its own right is not the same
We infer our image of the world from a myriad of colors, rays,
reflections. But most of us, inside, end up with images that are
grim, discouraging, dull.

The pictures show her intimate and discerning relationship with light.
Light, not truly SEEN, until her eye, will, and craft binds it to form.
“Gestaltung” of both her minds and hearts eye, by skillfully using
light and its many forms, her work is beauty transfixed, to be seen by all."

Marie works and lives in Copenhagen, Denmark

Professional photographer since 2001